There’s A New Addition to the African American Chamber of Commerce of NJ!

Our Chief Executive Officer of PG Health has earned her rightful position on the board of directors for the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ). Faye Coleman, being the first African American woman to graduate from the school of Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University, has shown through her countless acts of dedication within her career as well as the many roles as a leader and mentor that there is never a limit on how successful one can be. She is constantly giving her time and energy into PG Health and its upbringing as well as staying actively involved in her educational roots of her alma mater. Faye mentors students and shares insights on her professional life through various campus engagement activities; insights that inspire young leaders to accomplish their own goals and aspirations.

At the Business Leadership Conference on September 20, 2018, she shared her personal story on why she values AACCNJ. Faye continues to advocate for the success of African American owned businesses. She’s gone above and beyond to reach out to those who aid in her vision of success and accomplishment. PG Health is a new addition to the history of black owned companies and the team behind her are proud to see her continue on her path of success and opportunity.

“We have all heard the saying, before you can save someone else you must first put on your own oxygen mask. I am here to say that the chamber is your oxygen mask. As you seek capital, as you seek customers, It is the chamber that will provide the network, the resources, the education, to support your path to being a sustainable black owned business”. – Faye Coleman

~ The PG Health Team