An Industry Game Changer! – Now You Know Workshops

If you’ve been keeping up with recent news, then you’d know that the cannabis industry is booming! Cannabis is the topic of discussion these days and it is important that everyone comes to know their facts, myths, and everything in between about it.

As we are on our way to becoming the leading patient organization providing quality medical cannabis in the State of New Jersey, there are precautions that must be taken…we need everyone to know their cannabis. Now You Know Workshops are hosted by PG Health to inform you on the many benefits and opportunities that the cannabis industry has to offer, as well as aspects involving the law and how to stay knowledgeable.

At our most recent workshop, held in Newark, New Jersey, panelists Hope Wiseman, a Dispensary Owner, Cherron Perry Thomas, CEO of Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, Keya C. Denner, Esq. partner FordHarrison Law Firm, and Marc P. Press, Esq. member of Cole Schotz Law Firm spoke on various topics involving the make-up of cannabis, the health benefits and risks, its relatedness to the world of business, as well as the law and how it relates to you. Guests were invited to partake in various questionnaires which tested their factual and mythological knowledge of cannabis and were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Conversation soared throughout the room as curiosity began to spark in the minds of the many individuals that attended. The discussion of law and business were crowd favorites. Many were curious on how the world of cannabis impacted the lives of many who were involved in criminal offenses and how the law would relate to them personally, while others wanted to know the measures taken in diving into such a fast-growing industry. These workshops are designed to help inform the public of new and current information involving cannabis. It allows for a space of open communication among individuals who are given the opportunity to look towards the future; at a bigger picture. We look forward to seeing new faces at future workshops and open the floor to topics of discussion!

If there is one thing that you must take away from attending a PG Health workshop, it is this; “What We Stand for…education, access, and advocacy…Who We Stand For…those who have been unfairly incarcerated and preventing incarceration from those who yet to be.”

~The PG Health Team