PG Health Takes on DACO 2019!

Last weekend marked one of the many informative and interactive events of the year within the cannabis industry. DACO, Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, was held on September 27th-28th at Temple University. Industry leaders and organizations from various aspects of the health and cannabis community attended. The goal of this event was to spread awareness of the many different components of the cannabis business industry including:

  • Education
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Wellness Information
  • Networking

PG Health CEO, Faye Coleman, agrees that it was a job well done. Mission accomplished!

The PG Team had the opportunity to engage guests in the 4th session of the Now You Know Workshop, which allowed room for learning and discussing topics surrounding the cannabis industry such as:

  • Legal Aspects
  • Career Opportunities
  • Business
  • Cannabis History
  • Medical Benefits
  • Scientific Background of Cannabis
  • and MORE

Experienced medical professional, Dr. Valerie Armstead even said herself, that DACO created a wonderful space for “more highly established, successful vendors, returning public service exhibitors, artists, therapists & newbies to come together, interact, and promote awareness for the common cause”. Legal Counsel, Krishna Narine, made an impactful impression while leading the discussion of legal matters, which encouraged guests to actively participate. Every voice went unheard; what a lively discussion! Adrina Walker, the facilitator of the workshop noted that many of the guests consisted of the very interested public, educators, potential investors, and business owners. The crowd was so eager and interested to learn more and shared their insights with each other and Adrina is definitely right in stating, “it was a true representation of how cannabis impacts today’s society”. It all begins here. This alone proves that the cannabis industry is ever-evolving and is the topic of conversation among all.

Will we catch you at the 3rd Annual DACO event? Let’s embark on the journey of educating those around us on cannabis!

~ The PG Team