The Grand-Finale of the: Now You Know – Educating Youth on the Legalization of Marijuana Workshop Series

One of our main focal points, as an active contributor to the medical cannabis industry, is to educate the community on both insightful and useful information. In partnership with Visions and Pathways, the Now You Know – Educating Youth on the Legalization of Marijuana workshop series has completed five successful sessions this year in Essex, Morris, and Somerset County. We have educated over 150 youths and adults within a 6 month period. We also offered a special session for the NAACP-NJ (National Advancement of Colored People) Chapter in September. Through this, the workshop provided a high level of knowledge geared toward various key topics within the cannabis industry involving components such as, but not limited to:

  • The cannabis industry
  • Health risks and benefits
  • Plant structure
  • Various aspects of the law
  • Career and business opportunities

Through outreach and educating the youth and general public on the many factors that involve medical cannabis, the goal behind the workshop was to educate those on marijuana, its history and legal background, and its ever-evolving presence in society. 

A very special thanks to our partners for the workshop series: Visions and Pathways, 68 Partners, NJ CannaBusiness Association, NJ Cannabis Commission, Black Cannabis, BCB Bank, Lauletta Birnbaum, LLC, DACO, Ford Harrison Law Firm, Cole Schotz Law Firm, Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, Jasmine Brown, Hope Wiseman, Norris McLaughlin, P.A, Desiree Ivey, and MJM Strategy.

~ The PG Health Team