Celebrating April 20th!

It is National Cannabis Day (4/20)! Throughout the ongoing push for cannabis legalization worldwide, today is especially important for all within the cannabis community. It is on this date that we take a closer look at the history of cannabis, known medicinal research discoveries, and cannabis in relation to the law.

How did 4/20 come to be? It is believed to have originated from a story of a few high schoolers in the 1970s. A group who referred to themselves as The Waldos, often met on occasion to go and hunt for hidden cannabis plants that were managed by a Coast Guard service member. They used 4:20pm as a secret code to meet up. Thus, began the trend of 4/20. The origin and connection to 4/20 has many tales that relate to police coding in California and famous songs in music. But there is one thing that is for sure; the celebration of cannabis has only grown from then with so much rich history behind it.

In the light of April 20th, there are still some ways that you can celebrate today:

  • You can look into a few CBD products that may have caught your eye recently. Whether it’s buying a hand cream or using one of your favorite oils; hemp-deprived CBD products are an increasing trend.
  • Think about donating to a known cannabis charity. Many contribute to the support of medicinal cannabis research while others aid the educational aspect of cannabis research.
  • Use social media! Talk about how cannabis has made an impact in your life or share some insights you find interesting with your friends and family.

Get creative in celebrating today. The cannabis industry continues to strive and be a voice for those wanting to make a difference. 

~ The PG Health Team