– How Many Do You Know? – Ten Words from the Cannabis World Glossary

With 4/20 quickly approaching, cannabis is making headlines as adult-use become legal in various states; it is time to brush up on cannabis lingo! Here are Ten Words from the Cannabis World Glossary. For those looking to dip into the world of cannabis and expand their knowledge on the subject, this one’s for you! How many do you know?

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1. Hand-Washed

The hand-washing technique is completed at the end of the purging process when cannabis is being extracted. The extracted component is then whipped by hand. This technique is normally done to alter the appearance of the oils extracted, into a thicker consistency.

2. Synergy

When the compounds that makeup cannabis work together to achieve greater benefits and effects.

3. Cure

Curing, is an essential step that is completed during the drying stage of harvesting. One must remove the moisture from the cannabis flower in a controlled setting which then can allow for prolonged quality and longevity.

4. Kush

A type of cannabis strain that is known for its smell, flavor, effects, and possibly geographic region. Kush is said to be derived from the Hindu Kush mountains.

5. Landrace

Refers to cannabis plants that are grown in their native region and environment.

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com

6. Germination

Refers to the start of a cannabis growth process; when the seed breaks open and sprouts a seedling.

7. Heirloom

Its name gives it away! Heirloom refers to cannabis strains that were not mixed or crossbred with another strain and maintain their original makeup.

8. Pre-Run

A non-processed cannabis flower. Example: made into oils or other extracts.

9. Backcross

This process in breeding is done to acquire a strengthened gene of its parent plant into the plant offspring; creating a hybrid plant.

10. Sugar

This concentrate is made from dry or frozen cannabis plants through chemical extraction. Sugar has a consistency of undissolved sugar and liquid.

Did you get that?! How many were you familiar with?

~ The PG Team